Parasite Cleanse

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Dr Josh Axe


Bloating?  Abdominal pain? Diarrhea? Feeling Tired?


Nobody likes to think about the possibility of having parasites, but we do.  Even doctors get parasites, trust me I know.  Millions of people living in the USA have acquired parasites and most of them have no idea that they have them.  Symptoms go undiagnosed largely because it is such a taboo subject.  Lets face it, people are happy to share info concerning diabetes but when last did somebody tell you about their problem with parasites.  

Another point is that doctors know that if they mention parasites to clients, well they never see them again.  People are embarrassed to admit to this problem, but why?  It is really common and in most countries people do parasite cleanses on a regular basis.  You may be clean, but can you guarantee the hygiene of others?

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Take 2 tablet twice a day, preferably with meals as a dietary supplement. Continue for 6 days then skip a week and do the next 6 days.  

Per Serving:


Diatomaceous Earth

Black Walnut Hull




--Daily Value not established

Other ingredients: Gelatine (Veggie Caps)

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Keep out of the Reach of Children.

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