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Finding the Gift in Depression by Changing Your Perspective provides a tool for Christians who feel stuck in life and need support in moving forward.  In this 21-day program, we find solutions to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and general unhappiness. Making basic lifestyle changes brings the body back to the way it was designed to function, while we detoxify our thinking through a cognitive behavioral process called “Wiping the Slate”.  When we think differently, our perspective changes, resulting in surprising outcomes.  All of these processes are underpinned by spiritual principles including the choice between fear and love (1 John 4:18) and surrender (Matt 6:33).  We discuss obstacles on the journey to love, such as not knowing what I believe or who I am, getting stuck in grief, having misperceptions around money and relationships or having unrealistic expectations. This systematic program gives simple instructions called “Minimum Daily Requirements” that help us to incorporate healthy and life changing new habits into our daily routine - one at a time.

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Wildwood Lifestyle Center 11/25 day Depression Recovery Program

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Duration:  11 days    Cost: $2280
Duration:  25 days    Cost $4560
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If you feel depressed,  sad, hopeless, empty, overwhelmed and generally exhausted, we can help.

We deal with depression and anxiety naturally using:

  • Interactive group therapy twice a day ( Manual: Finding the Gift in Depression)
  • Health lectures twice a day
  • Accommodation in a beautiful natural Tennessee setting 600 acres and 25 miles of walks.
  • All meals provided - Vegan cooking at its best with a buffet to please everybody yet help you loose those extra pounds.
  • Cooking classes teaching you how to cook healthy food.
  • Blood analysis
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Swedish Massage
  • Frontal lobe detoxification
  • Optimized nutrition
  • Exercise Program
  • Spiritual guidance

Our residential team of medical doctors can assist you with your health issues if required.

We approach depression in a holistic way – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual help with depression is available.

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