Wildwood Lifestyle Center.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been helping people on their journey to better health for over 75 years. This program is designed not only as an intensive treatment system, but also to
educate and enable guest to continue on the road to health and wellness once they
go home.

The institute mixes mainstream medical practices with natural medicine.  The medical team evaluates guests profile to create an individualized treatment regime.
On arrival and before departure, fasting blood work is done in order to establish a diagnostic base-line and to determine progress.  Additional treatments include a plant based diet, hydrotherapy (a water based therapy that detoxifies, improves circulation and regulates immunity), massage therapy, exercise and additional treatment modalities the doctor may prescribe. They also have the services of a cognitive therapist who consults with guests needing help with stress, anxiety and depression.

During your stay you will also receive daily lectures on health, nutrition and lifestyle medicine.  Many medical professionals attend our programs to learn about lifestyle medicine, since Wildwood is regarded as an international authority in this field. The nutritional counselor runs daily cooking classes and will teach you to make some of the recipes you will be
enjoying. This will enable you to continue your life-transforming diet once you go home.

Exercise is an important part of the program.  Wildwood is in such a beautiful environment with 25 miles of walking trails this makes walking both easy and worthwhile.  They also provide stretch and strength training classes.

Unlike mainstream treatment systems, the holistic approach treats the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.  The whole person is approached as a physical, mental and spiritual being, and after just a few days at Wildwood, most guests feel stronger, more energetic, positive and confident to change their health and change their lives.

Program Cost

Number of Days 11 or 25

Price for Medical Participant  $3280 – 11 days or $6560 – 25 days

Price for Depression Recovery Program $2280 – 11 days  0r $4260 – 25 days

Price for Non-Medical Participant $1650  – 11 days or $3200 – 25 days

Price for Caregiver $1000 – 11 days

Deposit Required $300

Contact Details are:

Website: https://wildwoodhealth.org/

Email: info@wildwoodhealth.org

Phone: +1-800-634-9355

Fax: +1-706-820-7458

Address: 435 Lifestyle Ln, Wildwood, GA 30757, USA