Weimar Institute - Newstart

Weimar Institute and the Newstart program is closely monitored by the physicians on staff. The program has been running for 35 years so it has experience, yet it has a modern and energetic feel about it. The facilities are well equipped and the staff well trained. The 8 laws of health: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Faith are well integrated into to program. Neil Nedley, the practicing physician steering the program has done a phenomenal job. He has a strong emphasis on mental health and depression and his program is successful in bringing healing to those suffering from them. This program is highly recommended for depression and if this is a part of your situation, look no further.

Program Cost: $5950.00

Number of Days: 18

Deposit Required: Not sure

Contact Details are:

Website: www.newstart.com

Email: info@newstart.com

Phone: +1 800 525 9192

Fax: +1 530 422 7922

Address: 20601 West Paoli Lane, Weimar, CA, USA 95736