Weight Loss Program

Lady with jeans she shrank and the jeans are to big

Weight Loss Program – The Natural Way

Wildwood Lifestyle Center has 75 years’ experience in teaching people about lifestyle and health.  When you have tried everything – when nothing seems to help our residential 11 and 25 day programs will show you how.

  • Detoxification Vegan Diet

  • Herbs

  • Optimized nutrition

  • Exercise program

  • Lectures

  • Cooking school

  • Medical team and Counselors are available at Wildwood Lifestyle Center.

Our residential team of medical doctors can assist you with your  health concerns.  We will help you to form healthy habits and to detox your body.

Approach your diet and weight loss in a  holistic way – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual help is available for all your  health requirements.

Get your life back, get your weight under control.  Call us today for more information.

11 day program – $1650

Finance Available up to 18 months O% Interest.

Phone : 1800-634-9355 Email : info@wildwoodhealth.org   Address : 435 Lifestyle Wildwood, GA 30757

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