Water with a raspberry in it for health prophet

Water - Drink for Life

Pure water is the only drink which God provided in nature to quench our thirst.  The cells in our body need water to function well, so inadequate intake of water can lead to disease. Fatigue and headaches often result from drinking too little water.

  • Drink six to eight glasses of water every day.
  • Drink pure, natural water.  Spring water is ok but reverse osmosis water will leach mineral from your body.
  • Get a water bottle and measure our 2 liters so you can better keep track of your water intake.
  • Don’t drink with your meals.  Drink one hour after eating or 15 minutes before a meal.
  • Don’t drink very cold or very hot water.  Extremes are not a good idea.  However cool water does burn calories, the body will use energy to warm it up.