Man walking across a river with many stones

Temperance: Too Much - Too Little

God designed that reason should rule our appetites and that this would bring happiness and health to our lives. Too much numbs our brain and blocks the most important medium God has of communicating with us.   Indulging in wrong habits results in a diseased mind and body.  This literally leads to Dis-Ease.  A good rule is to avoid anything that is addictive, if you have a craving for it, avoid it.  I have never met anybody with a craving for broccoli a sure indication that it is good for you.

  • Stay away from things that are addictive and harmful and use in moderation things that are good for you.
  • All things in balance, never too much or too little.
  • Use a schedule to help you regulate your life, your phone calendar makes an excellent helper to remind you what to do when.
  • Learn to use self-control in your diet, work and life.
  • Habits is where you win the battle, a good habit of walking for 20 minutes every day is worth far more than running a marathon.