Stop Smoking Program

Medical doctor taking lood pressure from person who is stopping smoking



Wildwood lifestyle Center has an 11-day stop smoking residential program.  The lifestyle center has been helping people to stop smoking for 75 years, experience counts.

Before reading further, I need to state that I am a volunteer that works at Wildwood Lifestyle Center.  I volunteer at Wildwood because I believe that what we are doing at Wildwood helps people and changes lives.  I do not get a commission on this program.  I make money if you buy some of our books and herbal remedies you may see advertised on this website.


  • Emotional Wellness:  Bad habits like smoking have emotional causes and leave emotional scars.  The longer you have been smoking the more ingrained they become.   Were you the rebel at heart when you started smoking?  Do you feel that cigarettes are part of your support structure?  Some people see smoking as a part of their identity. “I am a smoker”.   You will need help with these emotions.  The nicotine and chemicals in cigarettes cause the physical addition, but the emotional addiction is far more powerful.  You will have morning and afternoon group therapy specifically designed to help you.
  • It includes room and board.  The price quoted is for a sharing room.  Private rooms will be an additional $275 for the 11-day period.
  • They provide a diet that designed to be a big detox.  Do not panic!  This is not a fast.  You will not experience starvation.  The food is buffet style with a nice breakfast a great lunch and light dinner. I eat their at least twice a week.   The meals are super healthy yet tasty.
  • Blood work:  Wildwood has its own lab, the lab takes blood and urine samples. They do a report to see if they can find any areas in your health that need attention.
  • Medical Consultation:  Wildwood has a team of experienced medical doctors and nurses on the campus.  They are available for consultations if needed.  It is not included in the stop smoking program.  It will have an additional cost but it is not common for to need to see the doctors.  If your situation needs medical intervention, all options and cost are discussed with you.  Herbal medicine is the preferred treatment.  It is good to know that Wildwood has medical staff available.
  • Hydrotherapy:  This type of therapy has proven itself over the years at Wildwood.  It is an awesome way to detox and to build the immune system.  It is done with steam and water and I have personally experienced it.  I have also seen white towels turn yellow from nicotine leaving the treated person through the skin.
  • Massage: When you detox you are going to need to move that toxin out of the body.  The massage helps to drain the lymphatic system.  It works.
  • Cooking Classes:  Yes, they have to add a bit of fun into the healing programs.  Learning how to cook easy healthy meals is something most people enjoy and Wildwood is passionate about.  They even give you a cookbook to take home.
  • Herbal Teas and detox drinks:  You need these to calm your nerves and get the toxins out of your system.  Cigarettes have more than 600 ingredients and when burnt they create about 7000 chemicals.  The human body is amazing at dealing with these chemicals, but it does store some of them.  Doing the detox is an essential part of any stop smoking program.  It is strange that most of the programs actually promote adding toxins to the body, some in sprays others in patches.  It really does not make sense.  This program does make sense and it works.
  • Nutritional Counseling:  This is a holistic program, so expect it to deal with all the various aspects of your health.

The cost for 11 days that includes all accommodation, treatments and therapy is $2280.

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