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Hope for the Family 


Pain is real, but so is Hope.  Do you have Hope, the type that makes you smile? Is your marriage, your family in trouble?  Are you feeling alone in the world?

 Dr Raulford Baptiste would like to invite you to change your life.  He can guide you to a New Hope, a Hope that changes everything.

Remember when people still believed in family and you believed that the world was a better place?  The Hope series of seminars are geared to bring real Hope back into your life.  To show you how your life can change, for the better, today. 

You are not alone in this world.  Your family future is not at risk. You can take action, make the changes.  Your family needs you to help them reconnect, revitalize and renew bonds.  Dr Baptiste is an expert on issues that concern family life.  He has helped countless people find Hope in the darkest places. 


The seminar will touch on many topics for example:

  • Marriage (we all need help on that front)
  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Health
  • Planning for retirement

If you are interested in improving your marriage and your family life this Free Series of Seminars are just for you.  I know, Free, it seems to be too good to be true.  What is the catch?  Is Dr Baptiste selling something?  The truthful answer is no, his reward will be to see Hope return to families in Fort Lauderdale.

Hope begins Here:

Where:  6800 W Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderhill, FL 33313

When: March 25th – April 14nd 2018

Time: 7:15 Every Night

Contacts: 954 742 7515 or 786 440 9801


Why not call, reach out.  Take action, drive to the venue and see for yourself.