Food Pyramid

food pyramid without meat

The Food Pyramid Revised

This is the vegan food pyramid.  I realize that not everybody thinks this is a great idea.  The first thing you do is to look for that one thing you love to eat, and lets face it, its not on this picture.  If it is, lucky you. So why eat vegan? 


In all the lifestyle centers I have ever worked in or dealt with diet is central to treating disease.  This is the diet pyramid that is follows and that works.  So if you are ill and need to do something about your health and situation start here.

Basics about healthy diet.

  • Eat Vegan as far as possible.  Its not a fad diet, it is just healthy.
  • Avoid sugar, that includes starches like potatoes. Sugar makes your system acidic and most viruses and bacteria feel at home in such an environment.  It like a pool if the PH levels are good its blue, if not, it goes green and everything grows in it. 
  • Drink a freshly squeezed lemon in warm water first thing in the morning.  This will help to get your body more alkaline.  Do not eat for 30 minutes after the drink.
  • Avoid fruit juice, unless you juiced it yourself it is full of sugar
  • Get a good basic general supplement, you know you need it.
  • Test yourself for food in tolerances. It took me 30 years to figure out I was gluten intolerant.  Silly me, all you need to do is avoid gluten or dairy for 3 weeks.  If you do not notice a difference well no problem.  You may find that you are not so bloated or have more energy and less allergies.  
  • Follow the 8 laws of health as far as possible and take an interest in the foods you eat.  Make nutrition your new topic of conversation, make it a new hobby.


A plate of salad health prophet style on a table.