Man standing looking at stars with his arms outstretched

Faith in God = Health

Faith in God, simply put, is confidence in God. Did you realize that faith in God has a physiological influence on your body? Well research shows that faith strengthen the immune system and protects against heart disease and cancer. Ever heard of the placebo effect? Simple faith in a pill can do wonders, imagine what a relationship with God can do for you.

Most people suffer from some form of depression stress and anxiety which are powerful disease triggers, faith can help. When we are at peace with God, we take hold of the most important requirement for health. Before any physical illness can be healed we need to look at the spiritual and mental aspects of our lives. These aspects of humanity lead and the body follows after.

  • Make time for prayer and meditation, make it a habit.
  • Surrender all your fears to God, let go and let God.
  • Spend time in nature and listen for his voice.
  • Remember that religion and people are reflections of God, but He is so much more.
  • Have a personal relationship with God.