Eden Valley

Eden Valley Lifestyle Center

Eden Valley Lifestyle Center is a beautiful sanctuary set aside in the Colorado Rockies in an area appropriately called Loveland. The institute has 550 acres of pristine land and nature. The staff members are dedicated to their mission and very helpful. This institute is wonderful for those who need a lifestyle change. The program emphasizes the spiritual component in lifestyle change.

The institute is a non-profit. So when you visit Eden Valley you are stepping outside of the cycle of “health for profit” that is such an integral part of the healthcare problem in our society. The farm produces fresh organic food and it is prepared with heart for those who visit the lifestyle center.

Hydrotherapy, exercise, massage and healthy eating are further focal points to the program. The program is especially successful in treating diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer. The physician’s protocols make use of herbal remedies and the basics for healthy living.

Program Cost

Number of Days 7 Days or 14 Days

Price for Medical Participant  7 Days  $2350 or 14 Days $3950 Cancer Programs start at $4950

Deposit Required $750

Contact Details are:

Website: http://www.eden-valley.org/


Phone:+1 970 669 7730

Fax: +1 970 776 1736

Address: Eden Valley Institute, 9325 World Mission Drive, Loveland, Colorado 80538