Diabetes Program


Wildwood Lifestyle Center has 75 years of experience in dealing with diabetes and neuropathy.  We help people to take back their health and to reset their life. Under the guidance of our team of medical doctors, the lives of thousands of diabetics have been changed.  Yes, you can take back your health by following a natural, holistic approach. We use natural medicine, and the eight laws of health, to help you with diabetes and neuropathy.  Our protocol consists of the following:

  • Medical Doctors visits are included:  At  least 3 full consultations - can be up to an hour) - Our medical team volunteer to be here, they are here to help you.  There mission is to bring healing not to make profit.
  • Blood analysis: We have our own lab that will take blood and urine test to try and find the imbalance in your system.

  • Hydrotherapy : A water based therapy to boost your immune system, it works wonders for cancer and diabetes.

  • Swedish massage:  Your body will be getting rid of a lot of toxins while you are with us and so we give massages every other day to help you cleanse your lymphatic system.

  • Natural detoxification: The program is set up as one big detox.

  • Herbs :( our medical staff believe that nature knows best and does the least damage, we have a herb store on campus)

  • Optimized nutrition: (Our vegan diet is one big detox, but we are not going to make this difficult for you.  We have a buffet of delicious natural healthy food for you)

  • Exercise program ( This is not boot camp, unless you would like it to be.  Walking is the exercise of choice, the human body was designed to do that.  We also have a fully equipped gym)

  • Lectures by our medical staff will teach you how to help not just yourself but others as well.  This includes how to manage the symptoms and treatment of diabetes and neuropathy at home. How to avoid cancer and deal with hypertension.

  • Cooking school is a fun part of the program where we teach you how to stay on a healthy diet when you leave the program.

Our residential team of medical doctors can assist you with your diabetes, neuropathy and other health concerns.  Helping you to form healthy habits and to detox your body.

We approach diabetes and neuropathy in a holistic way – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual help are available for all your  health requirements.

Get your life back.  Call us today for more information.  

11 day program – $3280 (Payment Plan Available)

Phone : 1800-634-9355 Email : info@wildwoodhealth.org   Address : 435 Lifestyle Wildwood, GA 30757

Finance Available for up to 36 months