Asking for Help

Man on his knees praying with words behind him

 Asking For Help

I would like to share with you how we can best ask for help from God.  It is not an easy thing to do, but it should be. 

When I am met with a health crisis called cancer I first became angry with God.  Then I tried to ignore the problem, I just refused to think about it.   But there comes a time when we all need help.  And God is really the source of hope.  Our Creator can and will bring healing.

How do we ask for help?  Well that is easy.  We pray!  Now here is another question, when last did you really think about prayer.  How do we pray?  Does it make a difference if we are on our knees or standing, lying in bed.  Praying is important, right.  We need help, right.  So now how do we do it and do it right.

I studied theology for 4 years but I did not learn much about prayer.  I learned more about prayer from personal experience.  I think it may help others to know about prayer.

The bottom line is, there is no secret formula.  God listens to all our prayers, even our thoughts.  However, it makes a difference to us how we pray, when we pray and why we pray.

7 Point of Prayer

  • We need to remember why we pray.  Prayer is not to work change in God, it is to bring us into harmony with God. Col 143:1
  • Let's pray from conviction and not from crisis.  A crisis is fine but we are looking at Building a relationship.
  • Pray for what is needed then for what is wanted and know the difference.
  • Don't pray wholesale, pray retail. Let's be specific, share the depths of your feeling with Him who loves you, loves you like a Father.
  • Pray without ceasing. Enoch walked with God and talked to God. Some say one day God turned around to Enoch and said, you know it's closer to my place than it is to your.  Come home with me.
  • We have freedom of choice, praying is making a choice, a choice to share our needs with God.  If this is not done how can God bless us?
  • Give thanks, tell God that you believe and that you appreciate Him, it is the cornerstone for a good relationship.

Lastly if you forget all these points it's all good, just remember this one thing.  Pray from your heart.