Smokers need our support.

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You are a smoker or you know somebody who smokes.  That is why you are reading this.  Well here is a new take on this topic.  You see people who smoke are not evil or stupid.  They know that smoking kills, they saw the adverts, or the lack of them.  The thing is they need help and care same as everybody else.  Smokers are human.  They deserve our love and support the same as anybody who suffers from an addiction.   

 Why is it that any other illness or addiction brings out masses of support from family and friends, but not smoking?  Not even the world of Big Pharma supports smokers.  All they have is how to quit, and most of those methods involve taking nicotine in a different form.  Nothing is produced to improve the smokers health.  

Smokers are modern day lepers.   In fact, we make them outcasts; you have seen them huddle together in dark corners.  They suffer, and the only support they get is from fellow smokers.

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You see when you start smoking it is a choice, a bad one, we all agree on that.  However, smoking is an addiction, and addicts need love not discrimination and judgement.  I guess that from a Christian perspective we can ask ourselves that question; what would Jesus do?  Often our human attitude is, hey you choose to smoke so you deserve to die.  No support, no understanding, just a superior attitude and judgment. Well Health Prophet is seeking to change that.  Let us support those who smoke and show them that we care.  I believe that the only way to truly deal with an addiction is by being in a loving and understanding environment.  If you do not agree with this, you should stop reading and click to go.

If you are with this trend of thought, well look at our tips and helpful suggestions.  Learn how to support yourself and other who smoke.  Let us love ourselves and support our smokers.  It is really the only path towards kicking this addiction.



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