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At the heart of all plant based food is the simple fact that quality seeds deliver quality food.  Farmers buy the best quality seeds to produce the highest yield.  Yield is the focus, not health.  Microgreens puts the choices in your hands, you can get quality, healthy food with a great yield at a fraction of the cost, well if you grow it yourself that is.

At first you may think, a seed is a seed, if it grows how can it be unhealthy.  Well welcome to the new world of seed technology.  Ever heard of vegetable seeds that are not for human consumption.  Look around the seed catalogues and you will see that seeds are often market as such.  The fact is that they are so full on poison that people should not eat them, the sellers of seeds warn you not to sprout them.  If you are planning to produce your own microgreens  why not go all the way.  Avoid genetically modified seeds and go Organic.

Link to Johnny's seeds for microgreens

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