Inflammation is a Healing Process.

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Wooden man with inflammation

Inflammation a Healing Process.

We were made by God, in the image of God.  Humans are not machines like this wooden man, made and then left to deteriorate.  We need to remember that our Creator made the human body and gave it the ability to regenerate itself.  Did you know that there is not a bone in your body that is more than 10 year old. At Health Prophet we believe that God's Pharmacy, plants, play a significant role in healing.  However, it only aids the body in its process of healing itself.

Inflammation is not the body degenerating, it is simply a part of the healing process.  When damage occurs in the body the body causes the inflammation to help clear the damaged tissue.  The inflammation kickstarts the immune system that starts the repair process.  Your body makes a billion cells a day so it can and will repair damaged parts, IF it has the building blocks to do so.

So what can we do to help this process.  The pain you may be feeling is the body asking for help, what can we do to help.


Help Your Body to Heal

  • Take your plant based medicine every day consistently.  This is really important.  Plant based medicine works differently from chemical medicine.  It is about small amount, consistently, over time.   It is not a quick fix, something to treat the symptoms, it is taking care of the cause of the issue.
  • Change your ph level from acid to alkaline.  Drink 1/2 a lemon with warm water every morning before breakfast.  Do NOT eat anything for 30 minutes after drinking this.  Think about it, this will cause the stomach to put a lot more acid into your body to digest the food in a alkaline environment.
  • Exercise regularly, the only way your damaged joints can get nutrients is by movement.  
  • Flush toxins by drinking a lot of water, at least 8 full glasses every day.
  • Oxygen is needed to aid the repair process, so take 10-15 minutes in the morning and evening and just breath deeply.  Count to 7 and hold breath at full for a second then 7 counts to exhale and hold for a second on empty.  The interesting thing is that you may find your blood pressure falling.
  • Eat your main meals at breakfast and lunch leaving dinner for something light like soup and salad.
  • Avoid acid forming foods for at least the first 3 weeks: 
  1. All wheat products.  Even if you are not gluten sensitive.
  2. All sugar
  3. Night shade vegetables ( especially tomatoes and potatoes)

You can do it.

I have seen so many people healed from lupus to arthritis.  Inflammation is a key factor in many major illnesses.  You can do this.  Just do it for 3 weeks, you will find that it makes a difference.  You will find that the tide has turned and that you are on your road to health again.  You will feel how your body is repairing itself.  Then you can decide it you would like to continue on your journey of healing.

journey of healing with a hot air balloon


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