How Doctors are causing Opioid Addiction

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How to avoid becoming an Opioid addict.

There is a new profile for drug addicts and junkies.  A traumatic event in your life may lead to you becoming addicted to prescription medication.  I work in a lifestyle center and we deal with people addicted to prescription medication every day.  The Lifestyle Center is not a rehab for drug addicts.  Some people choose to use and that is their choice.  However, here is the scary new reality I see every day, mothers and the elderly that become prescription medicine junkies - by accident.


The typical story is of a person who threw out their back,  then accidentally fall into a life of addiction.  In a study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine Dr Barnett points out that, doctors have a lot to do with people who become addicted to opioids.  Here is the scary part of the study; it seems that some doctors are far more likely than others to prescribe opioids.  Furthermore, most doctors seem to agree that patients demand that they over prescribe opioids.

 Dr Barnett

Doctors in the top 25% of prescribers prescribed an opioid for nearly 1 in 4 of these emergency department patients”  Time Magazine

So what does this really mean to us, the patients?  Well we can go into the Big Pharma conspiracy thing and blame the doctors and the evil world.  I am not sure that it will really help us much but one can blow off a bit of steam on this topic. 

How to avoid opioid addiction.

  • May I suggest that we simply focus on our own health, take care of ourselves so we can avoid going to the Medical Mill.
  • Another point is to keep opioid addiction in mind when your doctor prescribes anything and ask questions.
  • Reach out,  find out about natural treatments, the opioids may help short term. Great but have a natural long-term plan.
  • Make sure your doctor is treating the cause not the symptom. They are trained to treat the symptoms; you need to ask them to treat the cause.
  • Remember doctors never study a single course on nutrition; they are the wrong person to ask about diets that may help a condition.
  • Keep an open mind, and keep an active mind. Study your health condition.  If you think your health is your doctor’s problem, think again.  They probably only know your name because they have a medical record in front of them.

How serious is the opioid problem?

There is a damaging effect of even that first initial prescription you get," Barnett says.

Hope that this highlighted some of the issues around the use of prescription medication for you.  Your doctor is there to help you, but it is up to you to take responsibility for your own health.

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  • I’m commenting about what you said David. This blog was perfectly said!! It states a lot of truth… Many Doctors, not all, actually do give patients more then they need. I completely agree with this blog. It’s up to the person that’s taking medication, to get off of them. Obviously, the reason many get hooked has all to do with Pill Mills ran by so called “pain management” Doctors… The feeling that opioid addiction gives, is just masking another issue or cause like lack of exercise, vitamins, lifestyle & mental state… I lived it & I studied Psychology with emphasis in Substance Abuse to understand it better. I understand that you want to blame them all, I did to blame them… The issue with that; one only creates it, one prescribes it & your pharmacy sells it and the patients believe they need it more and more…. In all, what people do from there is on them!!! Look at the aftermath from 1996, Pharmacies flooded the market with Roxy & Oxy, the famous pill mills were created!! It took how long to get Americans hooked? Now, these same people are stuck, and are now resorting to street forms to very by. Americans want instant chocolate, and guess who can give that? Dr running pill mills.. If you want to get real, man!!! Blame the Rehab centers that don’t care to help you unless you have insurance. If one doesn’t have the money or insurances you end up in a state funded place that is ran by people that cared then stopped…they don’t even work anyway, just another way to find another friend with connection. I’ve seen how both work. If one wants to change, they will change, no one But God can help them.. I’m angry also about this system of Dr and Pharmacies that ruin everyone life… I’ve learned it’s easier to blame others, for ones lack of faith & knowledge. THAT’S WHAT IS REAL!!!! The only rehabs that do work focus on what the blogger stated to do.. 99% of Rehabs first and only question is, “Do You Have Insurance?” Why would a place meant to help other addicts in this whole system of addiction only care if you have insurance or cash to pay… I’m sorry what happened to your mother, you & your family. Obviously, from what you blogged you might think twice about what this blogger wrote… Most addicts self medicate because of other issues/ cause of not understanding their own body & what they are battling. Opioids released tons of that feel good Dopamine, which takes not only physical pain, but emotional & mental pain. So, which pain killers is covering up what is the real cause in, THAT’S REALITY!!! They are called pain killers for reason; they kill every form of pain & give one euphoria.. It’s sad, but I’m not a saint, this is from my own personal experiences from the addict side to watching addicts and studying the system…. I need to listen to my own words, that’s why I’m blogging this.. David don’t vent your anger at someone trying to show others a different view of how to not become addicted to what the system tries to trap people. Learn from it, don’t insult. I have more then enough anger in me, that I lash out… It’s from going through hell the last 2 years. How I’m still here, God has a purpose for me. I came across this blog for purpose that it might make you see things a different way.. Learning to use what earth grows to help addicts, I’m all about it. Thank you Prieur du Plesiss, great blog. David look into why you became addicted. If you seek, you will find. How do you think this blog came about, as I’m writing this it came on TV about treating the cause. Now, I think I’ve been misdiagnosed and God gave me the answer with this blog and your comment.. Thank you!!

    Sylvia Saks on
  • My mother became addicted in this way. It destroyed our family and my life. You speak lightly about Big Pharma, but you need to point out how these people destroy others lives for money. Why hide that fact. Why not hold the doctors accountable, at least here online if not in the real world. Get serious man, blog real!

    David Bravio on

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