I dreamed of becoming a writer.

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Name: Karen Jason

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Story: I dreamed of becoming a writer.  (ref link)

I dreamed of becoming a writer.

I read Guideposts as a teenager, growing up in India. An American pastor and his wife lived in the apartment upstairs, and they shared their magazines with us. I loved the stories. I could so relate to the struggles people went through. We were a church-going family, but even if you weren’t, these stories could help you.

“I’m going to have a story published in Guideposts someday,” I told my sisters. The chances of that happening seemed unlikely. What stories would a girl in India have for a magazine published in America? But dreams are dreams, and I trusted God with mine. I wanted to become a writer like the ones I read in Guideposts, people like Marion Bond West, Sue Monk Kidd and Roberta Messner.

Instead, I became a high school science teacher. I got married, had a child. One day I noticed a newspaper ad seeking science teachers to work in America.

I took a chance and got the job! Our young family moved to Pennsylvania, and I taught in a high school in the Philadelphia suburbs. I kept reading Guideposts. I noticed that it had a Writers Workshop Contest. Why not enter? I worked and worked on my story.

In June 2016, I sent it off. Two days later, I became a U.S. citizen, and in August I got a call. I was one of the winners of the Writers Workshop!

I have now had a story published in Guideposts (The Perfect Flag, July 2017). Even better, I had the thrill of going through the same all-expenses-paid, weeklong workshop that taught Marion, Sue and Roberta to write true first-person stories of hope and inspiration. God has answered my dreams better than I could have imagined.

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